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Welcome to The Captain America Library site! This vast web resource is an unofficial but fun, complete, useful, and fan-made Captain America website that includes among other things:
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Oldies and Goodies!

September 20, 2014

As we close the gaps in the issue profiles, we are now up to 1982 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #270. Here Cap meets his boyhood pal Arnie Roth and has to save Arnie and his roommate Michael from baddies and a huge robot—but the robot is Michael!

And with our Civil War tie-ins we have CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #4 as Iron Man leads a full-scale assault on Cap’s resistance movement!

Rob Johnson contributes more Civil War issues with THUNDERBOLTS #107-108! Here the heroes divided by the Superhuman Registration Act must team up against the bead guys led by Doctor Octopus who are after the Wellspring of Power!

Rob also sends us UNCANNY AVENGERS #23 (the latest issue), wherein the heroes, including Cap and Thor, try to sort out the complicated repercussions of playing fast and loose with everybody’s timeline in the previous story arc!



Original Sin FinaleThe Watcher sees no more: Check out issue #1 from Original Sin, the newest mega-event from Marvel.Cap makes a SKRAASH in Secret Avengers #8 (from 2010) by Mike Deodato, Jr!Down memory lane: Gene Colan on Captain America #256 (from 1981).We want you to buy less comic magazines! So says Marvel. Wait, what?

Latest Captain America Comic Book Issue

Captain America (2012) #24 cover

Note: This is the latest published issue from this comic book with a synopsis in our comics library.

Book name / Issue number:

Captain America (2012) #24


"(No title given)"

Date of Publication:
September 2014

Rick Remender (Writer), Carlos Pacheco (Penciler), Paul Renaud (Penciler), Mariano Taibo (Inker), Paul Renaud (Inker), Sonia Oback (Colorist), Dean White (Colorist), Carlos Pacheco (Cover Penciler), Carlos Pacheco (Cover Inker), Dean White (Cover Colorist)

4 stars

Arnim Zola is reporting to the Red Skull that all is going according to schedule when his rebel daughter Jet Black arrives to oppose him. Zola reveals that she has been his pawn all along, that even her turning against him was part of his plan. Falcon then enters the room and carries Jet and Zola through a high window; Sam scoops up Jet as the villain plummets to the street below. Sam contacts Steve Rogers to tell him that they found Sharon Carter alive in the tower—Steve calls Ian who confirms that she raised him as a mother after Captain America departed Dimension Z. Falcon battles Zola while they struggle over Jet’s loyalties. Ian rescues Sharon from the tower but they learn Zola’s hidden plot: there is a bomb set to destroy the Avengers and all of New York. When Sam learns that Zola can trigger the bomb with his telepathic antennae he has Redwing rip it off. Big mistake as the destruction of his antennae merely sets the bomb to detonate in 30 seconds. Iron Man tries to stop it but his Unvenger counterpart drags him down. Falcon seizes the bomb and, with a word of farewell to Steve, flies the bomb high into the stratosphere where it explodes….

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Quote of the Week

"I say thee nay, villain! None is master to the son of Odin!"

~ Thor
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Classic Comic of the Week

Classic Captain America comic of the week:

Captain America Comics #1 cover

Captain America Comics #1
(March 1941)

"Case No.1: Meet Captain America "

4 stars

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