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More Monsters! Fewer Leashes!

March 6, 2017

MONSTERS UNLEASHED #4 hits the site, see our write-up below! Things started out chaotic in that mini-series but now it's positively insane!

Meanwhile, we continue to fill in older Cap issues in an effort to present every Cap comic (or at least his main titles) on the site! This time we have CAPTAIN AMERICA #422 which pits Cap against an oddball baddie: Blistik! “Who?” you say? Just one of the strangest characters ever to show his face in Cap's series! Hit that link and check him out!

And we've also got the following issue CAPTAIN AMERICA #423! Here guest writer Roy Thomas does what he does best: giving us new Golden Age stories! This one is set in 1941 and Cap and Subby (Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner to you and me) meet for the first time and spar over the literal person of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt! Talk about big-name guest stars!

And big things are coming to the Marvel e-Libraries! Stay tuned!


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