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Sheer Chaos!

September 26, 2016

It's in CIVIL WAR II #5 as the various heroes of the Marvel Universe square off in a massive free-for-all! Thanks to Rob Johnson for filling us in on the details!

Rob also takes us back to a previous mega event when he supplies us with SECRET WARS II #3 and 4; the Beyonder decides to explore the human world and chaos is soon bustin' out all over there!

So that leaves me to bring up something that seems sort of newish—it was published this week--but is really oldish...well, it's CAPTAIN AMERICA: SERPENTS UNITE!, an all-reprint issue showing us the early days of...the Serpent Society? Well, these were some cool issues so check it out!


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"Hulk: "Hold still, Monkey! Hulk tries to hit you, and you get out of the way!" The Beast: "Can't help it, Hulk! I promised my insurance agent!""

~ Hulk, The Beast
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