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The Captain America Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Captain America Library (created on May 1, 2009).

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Secret Empire Fakes Us Out Again!

July 17, 2017

SECRET EMPIRE #6 has been postponed a bit so we've got the finale of “Taking Aim at A.I.M.” in AVENGERS #388 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #442, wherein Cap investigates who is killing off forgotten superheroes? Only one more issue until we have the complete set of the first volume of CAPTAIN AMERICA, the entire 1968-96 run! And keep checking out the Marvel Heroes Library! There's always new stuff there! And you can help us add to it: Get in touch if you're interested!



A Secret Empire Hiatus Lets Us Take Aim at A.I.M.!

July 10, 2017

SECRET EMPIRE #5 was last week, issue #6 is this week so to fill in the gap we've added the next two installments of “Taking Aim at A.I.M.AVENGERS #387 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #441, from a previous era when Cap was the hero!  

And we're counting down to a milestone for the site: in two more issues we will have the complete set of the first volume of CAPTAIN AMERICA, the entire 1968-96 run! We already have all of the Cap issues from his main series from 2001 to the present! Plus a lot of his secondary and other special titles! And then...there will be more! There's always more stuff at the Marvel Heroes Library!



Wait for Cap's Secret Weapon!

July 3, 2017

This week we present SECRET EMPIRE #5 wherein Supreme Hydra Captain America loses his patience with the underground and prepares to unleash his secret weapon—and it's a mind-boggler! Check out our write up for the low-down!

And from a previous era when Cap was the hero, we have parts one and two of “Taking Aim at A.I.M.” AVENGERS #386 and CAPTAIN AMERICA #440. The seriously ill Cap leads SHIELD's assault on A.I.M.'s island stronghold! And the Avengers join in! And then the Red Skull shows up! Yikes! And it will all be here.



Things Get Darker...!

June 26, 2017

Last week we added: SECRET EMPIRE #4 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #23 wherein the Avengers team searching for the fragments of the Cosmic Cube faced a grim combination of Hank Pym and Ultron

This time we have CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #18 as Steve Rogers Supreme Hydra threatens the entire world with retaliation should they fail to make nice with Hydra! O Steve Rogers, where have you gone to be replaced by this sinister symbol of treachery!




June 12, 2017

For this week at least: no new issues or tie-ins to Marvel's big deal of the season, SECRET EMPIRE so we're jumping back to the 1990s for a couple of older Cap issues!

In CAPTAIN AMERICA #438, a newly armored Cap takes on the mad internationalist Flag-Smasher—and smashes him one more time!

And in CAP #439 Cap has some unfinished business with earlier villains Super-Patriot and Dead Ringer!

Next week: SECRET EMPIRE #4 and the latest Sam Cap issue!



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