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The Captain America Library Site Updates Archive

Last two years of site updates for The Captain America Library (created on May 1, 2009).

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The New Marvel Heroes Library is Live!

May 15, 2017

And here we are! Webmaster Julio Molina-Muscara rolls out the new Marvel Heroes Library! This new site combines the Captain America Library, the Incredible Hulk Library, The Iron Man Library, and the Mighty Thor library into one unified site! And it has the capacity of being expanded to include any other Marvel character! Go to the banner at the top of this page and check it out! And you too can become a part of the hottest new comic book site on the web! Get in touch with us to find out how!

Oh yeah and we have some new content here too! No Secret Empire issues or tie-ins this week, so we've gone back to some older issues! There are new comments and reviews added to CAPTAIN AMERICA #431-437, that's the second half of the famous “Fighting Chance” arc, wherein Cap learns that his Super-Soldier Serum is slowly killing him! Have a look!

Next week: More Secret Empire!



SECRET EMPIRE No Secret Anymore!

May 8, 2017

SECRET EMPIRE #1 arrives giving us the terrifying vision of an evil Captain America ruling as head of a fascist state in America. Some heroes are trapped, others are resisting but the State is too powerful to confront—for now.

We also got out to the comics shop on Free Comic Book Day and scored a copy of FCBD 2017 SECRET EMPIRE which actually completes the story begun in SECRET EMPIRE #0 and contains an all-new Spider-Man tale as well!

And the Marvel e-Libraries are now the single site Marvel Heroes Library! Go check it out at and see if there's anything you could contribute! We're looking for new writers all the time!




May 1, 2017

No main issues or Cap issues for the new SECRET EMPIRE mega-event but Rob Johnson supplies us with the details on three tie-in issues: UNCANNY AVENGERS (2015) #22 shows us how the Red Skull lost Charles Xavier's mental powers! Then THUNDERBOLTS (Vol. 4) #12 gives us the fate of Kobik, the sentient Cosmic Cube! Finally, U.S.AVENGERS #5 sees Cap plotting against the new reformed A.I.M.!

And Cap makes a guest appearance in IRON MAN #227, part of the classic Armor Wars arc! Check out T. Vernon's write-up at the Iron Man Library!

And there's more: New comments and reviews have been added to earlier issues: CAPTAIN AMERICA #425-430, the first half of the Fighting Chance arc! See what we've got to say!

And the Marvel e-Libraries are expanding! Watch this space and see how you can contribute!!




April 24, 2017

The controversial Marvel mega-event is finally here! SECRET WARS #0 shows how Captain America, Steve Rogers, secretly a Hydra Agent, is able to seize control of the US government in the name of Hydra! And this Empire is no Phantom—Cap has to betray his closest friends and allies! See what the fuss is all about: read our detailed synopsis and see what you think!

We also have CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #16 which is a prologue to the main event! Cap shows us how this evil scheme was hatched and gives us much cause to worry!

And for something that isn't tied in to the big event, Rob Johnson submits AVENGERS #6, which concludes an arc featuring Kang and his usual time-twisting shenanigans with Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

And the Marvel e-Libraries are expanding! Watch this space and see how you can contribute!!



The End of Sam Cap?

April 17, 2017

CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #21 brings all of Sam Cap's political and personal troubles to a head—so he quits. We know Steve Cap quit more than a few times but he always came back. Wonder what Marvel has in mind for the latest replacement Cap? Death? Obscurity? Made head of the Thunderbolts? Your guess is as good as mine!

Meanwhile, in a historic mood we've added comments and reviews to CAPTAIN AMERICA #425-430, the first half of the epic “Fighting Chance” storyline! And by coincidence, #428 introduces the original Americop, whose descendants are part of the current series!

And the Marvel e-Libraries are expanding! Watch this space and see how you can contribute!!



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