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So Whatever Happened to Tony Stark?!

December 5, 2016

CIVIL WAR II #7 arrived, a few weeks late, and the big story is that something bad is about to happen to Tony Stark! As if we couldn't guess from the Stark-less new Iron Man series, INVINCIBLE with Riri Williams and INFAMOUS with Doctor Doom! This is what results when the main meg event series runs behind schedule but all of the tie-ins and follow-ups don't! Anyway, Rob Johnson offers his write-up on the issue so check it out!

Meanwhile, Captain America (you know, the guy whose existence is the entire reason for this website) is having his troubles in a couple of older issues from 1993! In CAPTAIN AMERICA #413, he's hip-deep in baddies in a massive villain free-for-all on A.I.M. Island! And in issue #414, he discovers that it is a lot harder getting of this island than it was getting on! The latter issue guest-stars Black Panther and Ka-Zar! Ka-Zowie!

And there's always more stuff to come!

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