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Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 Comic Book

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Date of Publication
April 2017
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3.5 stars


Nick Spencer
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Rachelle Rosenberg
Daniel Acuna
Cover Penciler
Daniel Acuna
Cover Inker
Daniel Acuna
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Misty Knight returns home to find a note left by Sam WilsonCaptain America. In it, he reviews his life to where he became the Falcon and fought alongside Steve Rogers, Captain America, whom he considers his best and most trusted friend....

Steve Cap shows up at a dinner between radio rabble-rouser Harry Hauser and Americops CEO Paul Keane, and tells Keane that he disapproves of the real estate scam Keane is running. Seems Keane has been buying up property in distressed areas, using the Americops to force the residents to move and selling the land at a profit. Keane then dies, poisoned by Hauser on Cap's orders. And now Hauser is ready for the next part of Cap's plan. “Hail Hydra.”

Sam continues in his letter about how he tried to live up to Cap's reputation, using his new identity to try to break down some of the divisions in America society but he failed, feeling everyone was against him and getting knocked down....

In a desolate neighborhood, ruined by rioting, D-Man joins Rev. Gideon Wilson (Sam's brother) as they plan to rebuild....

Sam expresses gratitude that he had friends to carry him though the worst times, but even relationships can backfire....

The new Falcon, Joaquin Torres, goes to see the comatose Rage in the hospital and he is so filled with anger that he flies off with revenge on his mind....

Sam's mind turns to the recent debacle around Rage's trial and near murder... he sends out over his web account his resignation as Captain America. He explains hie is giving up, not because of any errors he made but because he no longer believes in the nation's ideals that he is supposed to stand for. He ends with a message to the youth of America to not lose hope.

Elsewhere, Rayshaun, the boy rioter from the end of issue #19, returns home, removes his Rage makeup and starts sketching a costume for the Patriot....

As Misty finishes Sam's letter she rushes to his room to see Sam flying off, his Cap uniform on the floor and Captain America is gone....



Peter (April 15, 2017)
Comments: Cover is a homage to CAPTAIN AMERICA #176 from 1974, when Steve quit being Cap in reaction tot he original Secret Empire debacle.

Peter (April 15, 2017)
Review: Interesting issue in light of a recent Federalist essay (linked on our news page) about how Marvel writers are generally on the far left politically. This Cap story falls right into line: while bemoaning America's divided state, Nick Spencer does nothing to bring the country together. Instead he presents us with a controversial issue (police killings of minorities) and presents liberals as food and pure and righteous, unable to stand up to those wicked evil conservatives, herein revealed to by Hydra, with the Americops portrayed as faceless inhuman monsters. The issues involved are far more complex than can be addressed in a comic book and, arguably, should be so addressed. The last several issues of Sam Cap validate the Federalist's charges and yet Marvel will continue having its writers openly espouse extremist political positions (and sometimes religious views, see Jason Aaron's run on Thor). It's strange that a comic book company would knowingly alienate half of the people in the USA instead of, you know, publishing something everyone would like, as most other comic companies seem to manage. I don't know, maybe Marvel is run by Hydra....

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