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"U.S.Avengers" Comic Book

Book Description

Sunspot's New Avengers morphs into USAvengers working for the government. (Or is it Avengers Idea Mechanics becoming American Intelligence Mechanics?)

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U.S.Avengers #5 cover

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Book name / Issue number:

U.S.Avengers #5


"Meet the new boss"

Date of Publication:
April 2017

Al Ewing (Writer), Paco Diaz (Penciler), Paco Diaz (Inker), Jesus Aburtov (Colorist), Paco Medina (Cover Penciler), Juan Vlasco (Cover Inker), Jesus Aburtov (Cover Colorist)

4 stars

Captain America (Steve Rogers), now head of SHIELD, has come to see Citizen V (Roberto da Costa), head of AIM. Since SHIELD took over AIM Bobby now works for Steve. Steve claims to want to continue the friendly relationship they had as Avengers, but he gets in a dig about the ''questionable decisions'' da Costa has made since Rogers invited him on that team.

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