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A Grim and Intense Story

March 20, 2017

CAPTAIN AMERICA: SAM WILSON #20 continues Nick Spencer's inflammatory story line with Sam Cap fighting for justice in the middle of a racially-charged situation—and here things get worse. It's one of the darkest plots in recent memory, with no alleviating humor or silver lining.

On a much lighter note (only involving massive property damaged and loss of life), Marvel's mini-epic MONSTERS UNLEASHED wraps up with issue #5! Giant monsters bashing each other to victory! And there's an ongoing series of the same name to come, though I dare not follow!

Meanwhile, on an even more lighter (lightier?) note Rob Johnson presents U.S.AVENGERS #4 serves as a parody of MONSTER UNLEASHED with the patriotic team taking on a monstrous Deadpool! Whoa!

And big things are coming to the Marvel e-Libraries! What? Julio's working on changes to this site. As well as being glossier and easier to navigate the biggest immediate difference will be that this Library and others (Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor) will be part of one big site, opening the way for more add-ons. You can join us in our quest to celebrate the wonders of the Marvel Universe!


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